A Book Review – Whose Word Is It?

The Story Behind Who Changed the New Testament and Why

by Bart D Ehrman

Eminent biblical scholar
Antidote to anyone who believes that the modern bible as we know it today is the inerrant word of God.
Strong case for reappraising many of the cherished and widely held beliefs concerning the divinity of Jesus, the Trinity and divine origins of the bible stem from intentional and accidental alterations by scribes – alterations that shaped the bible we know today.
Diff Christian sects – Ebionites (adoptionists), docetics, gnostics, proto-orthodox diff interp of the texts and often altered to fit their particular beliefs and prejudices.
– role of women in the church suppressed and marginalised by later scribes to fit milieu of the day
– KJ6th edition was not given by God but was 17th C translation by a group of scholars based on a faulty Greek text.
All modern bibles continue to transmit what are probably not the original text eg Luke 22:43-44 and some places we dont even know what gather original text was.