The Voice Needs You

The first issue of the monthly Voice for Arran online magazine was published in February 2011. With the exception of April and May 2015, when our technical guru was indisposed, we have published a new edition every month since then. We will soon be reaching our first century and our techie will be retiring once …

The Garden in April

April is a great month in the garden with magnolias, daffodils and rhododendrons.

Pictures from the Drama Festival 2019

If you would like any of the photographs please use the contact form with the number of the slide and we will email you a full resolution copy.    

The Garden in December

The garden is quite bare in December but Daphne Bholua “Jacqueline Postill” never fails to impress:     Also this month we bring you a selection of photographs taken in the garden at Blairbeg House during the Spring and early summer 2018:     Thanks to John Campbell for sending us these photographs.