Corrie Film Club

Below is the 2021/22 calendar for Corrie Film Club. You can also download the schedule here (PDF).

Sunday October 17th  The Englishman who Cimbed a Hill and came down a Mountain

(UK 1995, Christopher Monger. Cert PG)

Sunday November 14th   Green Book (USA 2018. Peter Farrelly. 130 mins Cert PG)

When an Italian-American bouncer from the Bronxis hired to drive a world – class pianist on a concert tour to the Deep South, the Green Book tells them which establishments will admit Afro – Americans. Meeting racism and danger, a friendship develops between the two as their initial differences are set aside.

Sunday December 5th ( Christmas Start time 7.00 to allow for supper )

Dinner for One

Cinema Paradiso (Italy 1988 Giuseppe Tornatore .118 minutes Cert. PG)

Salvatore, a successful film director returns to his native Sicilian village for the funeral of his old friend, Alfredo who was the projectionist at the local Cinema Paradiso where Salvatore spent the happiest times of his childhood and developed his love of film. To the fatherless young boy, Alfredo became a father figure who guided and loved him. His return also brings back poignant memories of his teenage love, Elena, whom he had to leave in order to pursue his dreams.

Sunday January 9th Tulipani (Holland 2017. Mike van Diem. 99 mins Cert 15)

After losing his farm to the 1953 floods in Holland, a Dutch farmer cycles to the Puglia in Italy to grow tulips. A mixed language film of English, Dutch and Italian illustrating a story of familial complications, love, determination and loss against the background of one man’s passion to bring colour and tulips to a hillside in Italy despite the darker efforts of local racketeers trying to strong arm their cut of his flower business.

Saturday February 5th Day in the Dark  ( Starts Theme: Strong Women

Scottish Short – Margaret Tait – Orkney

The Passion of Joan of Arc


Thelma and Louise

Hidden Figures

Sunday February 13th Promising Young Women ( UK,USA 2020 Emerald Fennel. Cert 15)

Nothing in Cassie’s life is what it appears to be — she’s wickedly smart, tantalizingly cunning, and she’s living a secret double life by night. Now, an unexpected encounter is about to give Cassie a chance to right the wrongs from the past. Award winning film with Carey Mulligan.

Sunday March 13th  The Favourite (UK 2018, Yorgos Lanthimos.114 mins, Cert 15)

In early 18th Century Britain, a frail Queen Anne occupies the throne whilst her closest friend, Lady Sarah governs the country at the same time tending to Anne’s ill health and volatile temper. When a new servant , Abigail, arrives, outrageous rivalry ensues to become the Queen’s favourite.

Sunday April 10th   Women at War ( Iceland ,2019 Benedikt Erlingsson. 101 mins. Cert NR)

Halla, apparently quiet and independent is secretly a passionate environmental activist , waging a one – woman war against the local aluminium industry. Launching her biggest operation to date, she hears her application to adopt a little Ukrainian girl has been successful. She decides to plot one final attack before engaging with motherhood.

Sunday May 8th  The Bait (UK 2019 Mark Jenkins. 89 mins. Cert 12)

Martin Ward is a fisherman in a picturesque Cornish village. He struggles to make ends meet fishing without a boat, while his brother Steven uses their late father’s vessel to offer cruise trips to visiting tourists.

Meanwhile, tensions arise between Martin and the out-of-town Leigh family, who use the harbour-front ‘Skipper’s Cottage’ they bought from Martin and Steven as a seasonal holiday home and short-term rental business.

Sunday June 12th  A Fantastic Woman (Chile 2017, Sebastian Lelio. 104 mins. Cert 15)

Marina’s life is thrown into turmoil following the death of her partner. Mourning the loss of the man she loved, she finds herself under intense scrutiny from those with no regard for her privacy. Sexuality and gender issues are front and centre of this heartfelt film. Academy award for best foreign film 2017.

Sunday July 10th Collette (UK 2018 Wash Westmoreland.110 mins)

After moving to Paris, author Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette agrees to ghostwrite a semi-autobiographical novel for her husband. Its success soon inspires her to fight for creative ownership and overcome the societal constraints of the early 20th century. Makes for fascinating drama in a nuanced and inspiring film with a luminous central performance by Keira Knightley.

Sunday August 14th Wild Rose ( UK 2018 Tom Harper. 101 mins. Cert 15)

Forced to take responsibility for her life and her two children after coming out of prison, Nashville obsessed Rose – Lynn, a talented singer, gets a cleaning job and finds an unlikely champion in the middle -class lady of the house. Uplifting with original sountrack.

September Metropolis ( Germany 1927, Fritz Lang 120 mins. Cert PG.)

A special showing of Fritz Lang’s sci-fi epic with live piano accompaniment.(With  McLellan Arts Festival

Date to be confirmed

October 9th Wajib (Palestine 2017 Annemarie Jacir . 96 mins. Cert 15)

After years abroad in Italy, Shadi (Bakri) returns to his native Nazareth. But this is no spectacular homecoming. He’s back somewhat begrudgingly to honour his “wajib” (or duty) to hand out invitations to his sister’s wedding with his father. The simmering tension between the two – who are often stuck in a car, more often than not in traffic – builds, exposing the sometimes-comic chasms that exist between men who live in different worlds but share an unshakable bond.