The 30th September milestone for Millstone point

The deadline for objections, or support, to the Scottish Salmon Company fish farm to be located at Millstone point was end of business on Monday 30th September. The past week or ten days has produced interesting aspects from both the objectors and the Scottish Salmon Company, who have used questionable tactics.

Much support for the campaign to protect Arran’s marine environment over a long duration, has resulted with a very large number expressing their objection to the proposed farm, covering many reasons. On Sunday 15th September a last minute call for support and demonstration was arranged at Millstone Point, adjacent to the proposed site of the fish farm. This involved a 3-mile walk from the north Sannox picnic area. The two images below were taken by James Appleton who attended the protest.

This now iconic image taken at the recent demonstration represents the size of just one of the proposed cages off our coastline


This picture represents just a proportion of the total length that the site will sit off our wild coastline which is part of the Coastal Way, home to Basking Sharks, porpoises, seals, otters and numerous seabirds to name but a few species.

Many sections of the island were represented with people turning up aged from 1 to Octogenarian. A turn-out of 50 would have been remarkable but over 200 came, with the walk proving to be rather difficult for the aged ones. Even Cal Major who recently paddle boarded the entire length of the UK in open waters and canals, and who has been touring the country with her Vitamin Sea film, turned out to lend her support.

Some of the Arran community who came along to demonstrate. Photo: Jim Henderson

During the consultation period, the SSC carried out a mail drop of the entire island and last Friday the local paper carried a two page spread with the SSC heading of ‘It’s time to face the facts’. The list of fiction and facts has only managed to make many islanders even more resolute in their objections. Many of the SSC fiction claims are not truthful and their list of facts does not stand up to examination, or refer to the scientific evidence, including reports of lice infestation and mortality figures.


A natural cave at Millstone point. Photo: Jim Henderson


An outcrop of rock near the proposed site, one of the attractions to tourists along this section of the Arran Coastal Way. Photo: Jim Henderson

We all, protesters and supporters, now await the planning committee decision which is not expected to take place until later in the year.

Featured image credit: Jim Henderson