An Update from Arran CND and News from Faslane Peace Camp

An update from Arran CND group

Notes from the meeting in Brodick on Saturday 28th September 2019

There was discussion about the recent news of Scottish CND joining up with XR Peace (a coalition of organisations for peace and justice, including CND). The forthcoming rally at the MoD in London was mentioned, which some members planned to attend, to protest about the military’s significant contribution to carbon emissions. The protest is a coming together of movements to resist the twin existential threats of nuclear weapons and the climate emergency.

Plans for Autumn/Winter

We would like to hold an event or stall to increase awareness locally about CND and how it fits with wider climate change issues and to do this, if possible, with other local groups such as TAP, COAST and Eco Savvy. People felt there should be a positive theme i.e. not against but for something e.g. ‘Saving the Planet’ or acting to save our environment.
To check with Eco Savvy about an event and how we might take part. The Salmon Farm debate at the High School led by Sue Ash (ex-COAST) was mentioned and how successful this was. Perhaps we could look at a similar event in relation to nuclear disarmament?

Speakers: we had talked before about having a speaker at a future meeting and publicising this to try to interest a wider group than current members. Possible speakers might be Colin Milne who could give some historical context and also talk about his experiences on board submarine, Ronnie Dickinson who speaks at SNP events about nuclear convoys and who visits Arran regularly. We will aim for this to take place in November.

Reading Group: We would like to re-form this group, the idea for which was initially to help people hone their arguments when discussing nuclear disarmament. We met in the Glenisle Hotel last time and would need to see if this was still possible. Others option include the Fire Station and a room which is available at the library.

Date of Next Meeting: Saturday 2nd November at 2pm in the café at Arran High School, Lamlash. All welcome.

News from Faslane Peace Camp

On Thursday (17th October) while Extinction Rebellion Scotland rebels in London were taking action against the ecocidal arms trade, closer to home our friends at Faslane Peace Camp blockaded HM Naval Base Clyde in solidarity with the Kurdish people. The Kurds of Rojava have built a society based on principles of grassroots participatory direct democracy, social-ecology, women’s liberation, pluralism and internationalism. They are currently under attack by Turkish forces.

As XR Peace wrote on Thursday:
‘The fossil fuel and arms industries feed off each other – creating massive wealth for a minute number at the cost of millions of lives, besides the devastating urban and ecological destruction…If we are to attempt to turn around the already devastating impact of climate change, as well as seek justice for those who have already suffered far too much, we must stop the arms trade.

We take action today to put a tangible spanner in the works of the arms industry and to stand in active solidarity and resistance with all people all over the world who are suffering and fighting back against the violence of occupation and war. The bombs fall elsewhere but they are built here and so, too, must be our resistance.’

Thursdays Direct Action

Two peace campers blocked the north gate by locking together with a lock on tube, both holding holding banners saying “riseup4rojava” and “liberation” in Kurdish. Our aim was to cause disruption to both the base and its workers to highlight the part the UK government plays in the war machine.

While the NATO exercise Joint Warrior coordinated from HMNB Clyde draws to a close, the violence was marked most notably by the participation of Turkish soldiers. The Turkish military invaded Kurdish northern Syria, threatening the most progressive democracy in the world, deemed as terrorists by an increasingly fascist Turkish state.
It is time for our politicians to stop paying lip service to the values of freedom and democracy and act in defence of our Kurdish allies who led the offensive against ISIS only to find themselves facing further betrayal at the hands of the west.

The direct action at HM Naval Base Clyde last month