Growing Scotland’s Circular Economy – the Cumbernauld Tool Library

TOOL libraries function on a membership basis, but allow access to a range of tools (and sports equipment, games, and craft equipment) to be borrowed and shared. With Eco Savvy currently planning exciting future projects, including development of circular economies on Arran, a tool library could definitely be an option to increase recycling, and the sharing of resources. The Cumbernauld Tool Library is one such place that has opened this year, and the youtube link below shows Teri from Cumbernauld explaining a little bit more about how they can be set up, why they are an important part of reducing our consumption and so also reducing our carbon footprints.

We are a social enterprise
Tool Library Cumbernauld began in 2019 with the aim of creating a resource for the people of Cumbernauld to donate and share tools for a small annual fee. The tool library is run as a social enterprise, focussing on sustainability, recycle and reuse, and reducing waste. Our collection is built through donation and grows every week. Find out more about joining and borrowing through our membership section. Our online inventory will give you a list of all the tools in the library.

The innovative organisation provides quality tools and equipment for a range of purposes, including DIY, gardening, crafts, sports and kitchen usage, with local citizens able to join the Tool Library for an annual fee and borrow suitable items of equipment throughout the year. Low and zero waste household products, such as refills of washing-up liquid and hand soap, are also available to buy.

The charity has an overarching aim of reducing the waste that is sent to landfill by encouraging people to borrow items that are infrequently used, providing low and zero waste products locally and raising awareness of waste issues and solutions.

Folk at CommonSpace went to speak to the Cumbernauld Tool Library about their efforts to address increasing consumerism and landfill issues.

Be a part of Arran’s sustainable future and join Eco Savvy in their discussions and plans for future projects like these ones!