Corrie Film Club showing Transit

On Sunday January 12th 2020 the filming showing at the Corrie Film club will be Transit (2019 Germany Christian Petzold. Rating NR.101 mins). Programme starts at 8 pm.

As fascism spreads, German refugee Georg flees to Marseille and assumes the identity of a dead writer. Living among refugees, he falls for a mysterious woman who is searching for her husband… A timeless exploration of the plight of displaced people.

Director Christian Petzold has adapted a 1944 novel by the anti-fascist German author Anna Seghers about a German fugitive in Paris who has escaped a concentration camp and flees to Marseille at the time of the Nazi invasion. He has been entrusted with delivering a letter to a famous author sympathetic to the anti-Nazi resistance, but on discovering that this man is dead, he steals the writer’s identity papers and two visas for him and his estranged wife that would allow them safe passage abroad. Once in Marseille, he passes himself off as this writer, which embroils him in a romantic and political crisis.