Arran Energy Challenge Year Two Round Up

Arran Energy Challenge Year Two Round Up

Sustainable Island Life 2019/2020

2019/2020 has marked a significant year for Arran residents’ improving their home energy efficiency. This roundup will outline the successes of the past year and how they contributed towards reducing the carbon emissions from domestic properties on the island. This is the main aim of the energy strand, which is funded by the Climate Challenge Fund through the Scottish Government, however social, financial and community benefits also resulted from the project.

To find out more about year one of the Arran Energy Challenge, click here.

10 personal energy monitors loaned out

Personal energy monitors are designed to help you keep track of your electricity usage, discover how using different appliances affects your energy bills and, ideally, help you to cut your electricity consumption. The display is similar to a smart meter but personal energy monitors don’t send your usage data to your energy provider like smart meters do. 10 energy monitors were loaned out for a month at a time to residents who wanted a better understanding of their energy bills.

energy monitor

“Just to say that your monitor has been an absolute revelation regarding my usage. I think I’ve got it down to the absolute minimum now.”

110 home energy audits/Energy Performance Certificates completed = 120tCO2e saved

From a sampling of 32 post audit survey responses:

eco savvy short term results

eco savvy short term results

22 residents switching to a green energy supplier

We are delighted to say that 22 residents have made the switch to a green energy supplier such as Octopus energy or Bulb, which will help the environment and save them money on their bills.

The carbon footprint for an average UK home using a years’ worth of this electricity is 645kg of CO2 per year.

eco savvy octopus energy

119 Arran residents attended energy focussed events

Throughout the year Eco Savvy hosted a variety of energy focussed info events with inspiring guest speakers from Energy Action Scotland, Glaze and Save, Solar & Wind Applications, and more. Many of these events also included locals sharing their honest experience with the discussed technology and kindly offering opportunities for residents to visit their properties for a live view of the various renewable technologies and their accessories.

eco savvy talk marty mellis
Guest speaker Marty Mellis-Fox from Solar & Wind Applications leading the solar PV accessories event in May 2019

“Excellent event yesterday, thank you. Marty was very knowledgeable yet approachable.”

eco savvy glaze and save
Guest speaker Dr Tanya Ewing from Glaze & Save leading the secondary glazing event in November 2019

“Great event, thanks to all involved! It was fantastic having different people there to make contact with and hear their advice. Very worthwhile attending. Thanks again x”

4 Solar PV installations = 5tCO2e saved per year

4 households on the island have invested in solar panels this year as a result of the project, this means they will enjoy free electricity when the sun is shining for the next 25years! Solar PV installs were one of Eco Savvys largest successes in 2018/2019, please visit: for feedback from Arran residents.

21 Air source heat pump installations = 116tCO2e saved per year, 1150 carbon tonnes saved in system lifetime

In recent years Arran has led Scotland by example in renewable heating solutions. As shown below the number of air source heat pumps on the island is considerably higher than elsewhere in the country and Eco Savvy are thrilled to have been a part of this. After a free home energy visit, 21 Arran residents went on to make the significant decision to upgrade their heating system to a renewable one. This will have improved their homes EPC rating, saved them money on their bills, earned them an income from the Renewable Heat Incentive, and kept their house warm with a controllable central heating system.

  • 311 air source heat pump accredited installations in Highlands & Islands (inc. Arran) 2018 – 2019*
  • 82 air source heat pump installations on Arran completed by one installer 2017 – 2019

*Ofgem: Domestic RHI scheme, which covers 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

“Overall we are very pleased with the process, the advice and installation were both excellent and the new system works very well.”

Through Eco Savvys partnership with Home Energy Scotland we had access to their online referral portal which is specifically to help people who are struggling to heat their homes and/or pay their fuel bills. After a home energy visit Charlotte used this online tool, and by the time she had emailed the resident with their energy action plan the elderly couple had already had an appointment with Warmer Homes Scotland, who assisted in replacing their broken boiler with an air source heat pump at a reduced cost.

“Thanks for the action plan, because of your swift action we have had a visit from warm homes and have decided to go with a heat source system, it may take an extra couple of weeks to get installed. We must thank you for your help and advice without which we would still be wondering what to do. Thanks once again.”

Home Energy Scotland

Home Energy Scotland are continuing their work with the valuable Warmer Homes Scotland scheme to benefit Arran residents. They also offer financial support for energy efficiency measures such as insulation along with interest free loans for renewable energy such as solar PV. Please visit their website or call 0808 808 2282 to find out more information.

Eco Savvy

Although this period of uncertainty has meant changes and challenges for all of us, we want you to know that we’re still here to support you with your home energy queries so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our fantastic energy auditor Charlotte is no longer providing home energy visits but can offer ongoing personalised advice via email on or over the phone on 01770 302 953.

Thank you to all the residents that have participated with us in the Arran energy challenge so far. Collectively, a huge difference has been made-keep it up!