All dressed up and nowhere to go, Arran

Earlier last month the BBC ran a photo story – All dressed up and nowhere to go – by photographer Robin Sinha, who came up with the idea to take pictures of people who were missing some special and social occasions due to lockdown, or who maybe just felt inspired to change their tracksuits for their ‘Sunday best’!

As people continued to live in isolation Robin asked his neighbours to pose on their doorsteps dressed as if ready for a night out. He wrote, “I was already shooting a series of images regarding my own isolation experience but having seen some doorstep projects from around the world, I felt inspired to approach (at a safe distance) my local neighbourhood,” says Sinha.

“When my wife and I moved to Walthamstow a couple of years ago, it was immediately apparent to us that our street had a strong sense of community spirit. Lockdown has only strengthened this spirit and there has been a genuine feeling of concern for one another.”

One Lamlash resident thought this would be a fun idea for a lockdown Voice story, and so here are some of the people we photographed and spoke to. (Folk in further away villages sent pictures by email!)

Anne and Stan, Lamlash

Photo credit: Mairi Simpson

Anne says, “The handbag was bought in Daly’s in Sauchiehall street, a 21st birthday present from my big brother Jim, in the year 1959. The dress was found in a vintage shop, in Horseshoe Bay, B.C, Canada.” Anne and Stan are looking forward to wearing these outfits for the next Arran Jazz Band concert in Whiting Bay Hall.

Featured image shows Anne and Stan ready for their night out. Credit Mairi Simpson.

Connie and Meredith McKie, Lamlash

Photo credit: Mairi Simpson

The girls dressed up for the Lamlash christmas party.

The Soffa’s, Lochranza

Here is a picture of Louise Soffa with her Dad Ryan. She is dressed up to play in the Arran Music Festival, 2020, which was cancelled. She was going to play Desert Drums.

Louise and Sam Soffa in Mary Poppins costume. During lockdown Louise and Sam have enjoyed Mary Poppins and are now experts in Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious!

Jemma Totty, Lamlash

Jemma is wearing her Feis Arran T-shirt, and playing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” to honour the NHS workers.

Cerys Herapath, Lamlash

Cerys was due to be playing in Barcelona in June with the North Ayrshire Concert Band.

The Saju Family, Lamlash

Dexy, Bino, Neha and Noah in Lamlash, dressed up for the Indian harvest festival, Onam. Dexy says, “Onam is our harvest festival, and we make different vegetable curries which we usually eat in a banana leaf. We wear our traditional clothes during the Onam. This is celebrated by the Hindu religion, however Onam is our national festival so it is celebrated by all religions.”

Onam, the Hindu harvest festival.

A big thank you to the families and individuals that took part and who let us publish their photos!