A podcast and other news from COAST

We catch up with a few of the things that have been going on at COAST over the summer…

Earlier last month, The Ferret published a podcast on the recent bottom towed fishing impact off Brodick Bay, and the need for real protection of our wider inshore waters. Featuring Russ Cheshire of COAST, Nick Underdown of Open Seas, and diver Chris Rickard.

“We’re learning increasingly that the habitat, the ground, the seabed beneath the waves – especially close to shore – is really important for all sorts of reasons: it is an engine for fish stocks as a nursery for the fish we need; it sequesters blue carbon important for the battle against climate change.”

To listen to the podcast click here.

In some other news…Researchers return to Lamlash Bay

On various dates from 27th July to 31st August, our local creel fisherman Ian (Skipness Smokehouse) will be assisting University of York researcher Dr Bryce Stewart as he returns to Arran to conduct this year’s crustacean surveys.

“The Promise” (UL59) has been granted special derogation to conduct these surveys with Bryce and his team within the Lamlash Bay No Take Zone – so please do not be alarmed if you seem him placing or hauling creels there. All animals will be returned to the sea unharmed and we hope to break records of bumper lobsters again this year!

This is continuation of vital research which, for the last decade, has been tracking the recovery of marine life in the No Take Zone and wider Marine Protected Area.

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