Eco learning with Eco Savvy

Eco Savvy are in the process of expanding access to eco learning by developing short modules and worksheets  for children and young people to do at home. The aim is to provide a tool for learning about issues that affect the environment and to help start conversations on a range of topics around climate change.

The first worksheet, “All About Bees“, is available on the Eco Savvy website now and evolved from the interest shown in the screening of a new beekeeping film for World Bee Day in May. Savvy Film Club is still going strong every Tuesday night see here for what is screening next and info on how to join (for free!).

The worksheets are simple to use, with only a little help hopefully needed from a parent or adult, and a parent/teacher worksheet is also given with instructions and all the answers. Each module is designed with three stages in mind :

1) a short introduction to the topic to get young minds whirring on what they might already know about the subject
2) a “study” section where children learn about the subject
3) followed by an activity where they can put into practice what they have learned or make or do something to help the environment

Ruth McLaren, Carbon Literacy Trainer for Eco Savvy said: “Whilst we are still in a state of semi lockdown we understand that a lot of people might be looking for ways to entertain their children so we decided to produce a series of bite-sized worksheets that are fun but also offer an educational element. We know that children and young people are becoming more and more environmentally concerned. Our hope is that we can support them in learning about climate change issues, but more importantly that their actions can make a difference and the value of being able to speak about these issues with their parents or friends.”

Eco Savvy are also holding a series of upcycling workshops for the coming months which will be held online via Zoom. Tuesday 28th saw the first of these go ahead with people learning how to make their own hand sanitiser in a fantastic workshop led by Rosheen from Lawson Soaps . The process is very simple and you can make your own hand sanitiser, meeting Government regulations for Covid-19, very cheaply with ingredients that are easily available to buy on the internet. Don’t worry if you missed it – the workshop is available to view via the Eco Savvy website here!

Keep your eyes peeled for more eco learning and announcements about the next workshops planned!