12th Birthday of the Lamlash Bay No Take Zone

On 22nd September COAST and the Arran community celebrated the 12th Birthday of the No Take Zone.

The Lamlash Bay NTZ was established by the Scottish Government in 2008; this pioneering project shows it is possible to improve our environment, as proven by a decade worth of research.

COAST said, “Twelve years ago, we could only dream of the precedent Scotland’s first and only No Take Zone would set.”

Local MSP, Kenneth Gibson, who was instrumental in the designation of the NTZ, has said: “I am absolutely delighted that the No Take Zone has been such an outstanding success. The community on Arran should be very proud of their achievements over the last decade to promote marine conservation. This study proves the potential of effective marine management and I will be pressing the Scottish Government to seriously consider the creation of more NTZs as part of their marine management plans”.

The success of Lamlash Bay NTZ, as well as the community-based approach taken on Arran to establish this marine reserve, were prominently referenced in the recently published Benyon review into Highly Protected Marine Areas in England. Follow the link to read the review.