North Ayrshire Wellbeing Conversation

The following message from the North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership tells us about a new programme of engagement, the Wellbeing Conversation, taking place across North Ayrshire and they want to start by asking the people who live and work here a couple of questions. See below for the link to the questionnaire.

Over the next 18 months, we will be speaking to people who live and work in North Ayrshire, to find out what matters to them. The North Ayrshire Wellbeing Conversation is our new programme of engagement, which aims to:

1. Find out what people usually do to keep well, so that we can support them to do more of it.
2. Ensure people’s voices and experiences are at the heart of our strategic planning process.
3. Build a network of people who are keen to help us shape and design the future of health and social care in North Ayrshire.
4. Target specific groups and individuals who are often marginalised and ensure their voices are listened to and acted upon.

We have two, quick and easy questions to ask people. Whether you are someone working within the HSCP (Health and Social Care Partnership), one of our partners, or someone who lives in North Ayrshire, we are keen to hear from you. Your answers can have a big impact on the future of health and social care.

Please share the link to our online questionnaire with your friends, family, colleagues and networks

We hope you will encourage people to answer the two questions within the online survey. If you work with, or know someone who would be unable to answer the questions via the link, we would encourage you to ask them the two questions and complete the survey on their behalf. There will be further conversations and different ways to get involved once the current social distancing measures are relaxed.

This is our most ambitious engagement programme to date and for it to succeed, we need our staff and partners to share the questions, ask the questions and answer the questions as much as possible.