Musings on the Salmond saga

The Salmond enquiry and political games

View of an independent Scotsman

The debacle is now over with the First Minister receiving a vote of confidence – But is it?

First of all, to make everything very clear I am not a member of any political party, have never voted SNP and voted NO at the last referendum.

I had no doubt that the First Minister would be found not guilty of breaking the ministerial code, I am also of the view that she did not mislead the government as has been alleged.

There have been no winners to come out of this torrid enquiry, that has cost the taxpayer many Thousands in court fees, hours of debate, two enquiries etc. No doubt a certain Lady would agree.

However, there have been many losers – reputation of a once SNP powerful leader has come into question.
The leading Conservatives in Scotland have lost credibility. The appointed leader has shot himself in the foot and possibly put an end to his political aspirations and his appointed leader at Holyrood has not endeared herself to the Scottish voters.

This enquiry has not been the result of a confusion of dates as to when the First Minister knew of the alleged actions of a certain Gentleman. This entire sorry state of affairs in Scottish Politics began with the actions of a powerful man engaging in unwelcome actions towards women working in his office, as has been alleged.

The fact that he was found not guilty of the alleged actions in court, does nothing to erase the start of this sorry state of affairs.
That has resulted in the First Minister being proven to have acted with honesty and integrity, while the accuser’s integrity has been brought into question.

The events of the past 3 to 4 years has made me revaluate my political position, having to consider my family and grandchildren’s position. The most recent events, during a period when the First Minister of Scotland became head and shoulders above every other politician in the UK with her management of the pandemic and other matters.

The result may be that at the next election I will be voting for the SNP for the first time. I just wonder how many others, on the side lines, will be doing likewise.

At the moment the actions of the accusers have elevated the cause of the SNP party.

The news of Friday 26th March about a new party named ALBA was rather a surprise. For certain, they cannot count on my vote.