Corrie Film Club is back!

After a long time away due to Covid-19, the Corrie Film Club is now able to reconvene in person, and they are having their first evening next month. Here is a message from the Film Club committee:

We are going ahead with a feel good film on Sunday 17th October at 8.00pmThe Englishman who went up a Hill and came down a Mountain.

Set in 1917 against the background of the First World War, a cartographer arrives in a Welsh village to measure the height of their “mountain”. The villagers are very proud of their “mountain”, and are understandably disappointed and furious to find that it is in fact a “hill”. Not to be outwitted by a rule (and the Englishmen who enforce it), the villagers set out to make their hill into a mountain, but to do so they must keep the English from leaving, before the job is done. There is love, humour, discord and moving sadness as the villagers, despite divisions, find common purpose in rectifying this state of affairs. Hugh Grant and Tara Fitztgerald star in this 1995 entry to the Moscow and Cannes Film Festivals.

Hope to see you there if you can make it!

This will be the first film of the season so subs will be due. (£15)

Please observe current Covid regulations – wear masks for moving around and socially distance seating.