Aladdin comes to Whiting Bay Hall

The Whiting Bay club for drama and music present the long awaited Christmas panto Aladdin. Music is provided by The Arran Ceilidh Band.

Come to the panto!!!

It’s panto time in Whiting Bay
Come along, enjoy the play
Enter the genie loud and clear
And Madam Twanky – a daft old dear
Her son Aladdin, who’s quite a dish
Finds a lamp that fulfills his wish
To marry Shoo Shoo the lovely princess
When suddenly, to everyone’s distress
His evil uncle steals the lamp
And whisks off Shoo Shoo to his camp.
The end of the tale you must find out
And enjoy the chance to sing and shout
……. Does Twanky let it all hang out?

Panto poem by Alice Maxwell