Poem for January

Winter Solstice Blessings 2021

awake at 4.am
give big thanks
for my warm safe bed

sleep a welcome visitor
most nights

count my blessings
not sheep to fall deeply into bliss

excited this day
to mark the return of the light

to be alive to do so
with a fire in my hearth hope in my heart

humble baker I am
off to my wee kitchen

plain bread and sponges in oven
thick jam to cover my bounty

strong tea as much as I desire
mother earth promising long days

lighter nights
return of sticky buds
pushing up bulbs
the sea!

Winter is on the Wane
Celebrate and Witness with Delight
where ever you are this day.


Sent in by Voice reader, Arran traveller and poet, Christina Milarvie Quarrell. – Thank you Christina for this lovely poem!