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News on the latest podcast from the SCCAN Storytellers Collective:

The Storytellers Collective is an emerging group of Scotland-based storytellers who are using their creativity to amplify stories of community-led climate action. We have the ambition to engage wider audiences in conversations around their concrete visions for a beautiful, irresistible change that can inspire our communities around Scotland.

1000 Better Stories is about collecting and sharing these stories so as to build a new narrative to live by. If you have a story to share, or if you would like to get involved in collecting and telling stories, please get in touch with one of our Story Weavers, Kaska or Joana: stories@scottishcommunitiescan.org.uk

Episode 17Walking for Hope and Stories for Change

The episode starts with a recording of a story “From fossil fuels shirt-and-tie to fossil-free hippie guy” shared by Bruce Donald, a net zero researcher for Thurso Development Trust. He was one of the participants in Paul Bristow’s January workshop on finding, writing and telling our climate action stories to better engage others in our communities.

It’s followed by Phillip Revell’s uplifting story from Pilgrimage for COP26, with a couple of conversations about hope and coming together, beautifully illustrated with poetry and song. Philip spoke to two Pilgrimage participants David Gee about his book, ‘Hope’s work’, and to Olga Bloemen, one of the Pilgrimage organisers and a poet.

Pilgrimage songs were performed by Freedom of Mind Community Choir and written Karine Polwart. The Pilgrimage poem was written and performed by Olga Bloemen.

Recording and editing: Kaska Hempel and Philip Revell
Production: Kaska Hempel

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