Arran Saltire Society March meeting

The next meeting of the Arran Saltire Society will be on Wednesday 23 March at 7.30 pm, at the Ormidale Pavillion, Brodick.

The guest speaker will be Fiona Frank, talking about the life and work of her aunt, Hannah Frank, the famous Glasgow artist and sculptor. Read about her here

Hannah Frank was born in Glasgow in 1908, and studied at Glasgow University and the Glasgow School of Art. Her iconic black and white drawings are resonant of the style and iconography of the Art Nouveau period, and her art has enjoyed a dramatic resurgence in interest in recent years.

She produced her trademark black and white drawings from the age of 17 in 1925, and between 1927 to 1932. GUM, the Glasgow University Magazine, rarely came out without a drawing by ‘Al Aaraaf‘, her chosen pen name. She had taken this name from the title of a long poem by Edgar Allan Poe about a star.

Hannah’s haunting black and white drawings are resonant of the Art Nouveau period and with a hint of Aubrey Beardsley and Jessie King.

She took up sculpture in the 1950s, studying with Benno Schotz, and her drawings and sculpture were exhibited in the Royal Glasgow Institute, the Royal Academy, and the Royal Scottish Academy, throughout her artistic career.


Girl in a wood, 1928 drawing. Credit: Hannah Frank website


Seated Figure 1989 sculpture. Credit: Hannah Frank website