Indy artwork for sale at fundraiser


Saturday 18th June 12.30pm, Ormidale Pavilion, Brodick

Teas, coffees and End of Empire Biscuits

All very welcome!

There will be an auction of framed posters/artwork for Indy. The main illustrator is Stewart Bremner who produced lots of artwork around the 2014 Referendum, much of it in collaboration with Bella Caledonia. His collected Indy work is in the book in The Early Days of a Better Nation.

Some of the artwork on sale is shown below:




The striking Piper exhorting Scotland to be brave was the winning entry for a Bella Caledonia competition for the best poster for 2014.

The odd one out is a US poster for Buy Nothing Day which is an annual event protesting against the destructive consumerism of Black Friday.

Note: The above event does not necessarily reflect the political views of the members of the Voice editorial board.