Tuesday Talks at the Arran Heritage Museum

The Isle of Arran Heritage Museum is inviting different speakers throughout the season to their new Garden Room facility for Tuesday Talks on a variety of different aspects of the history and culture of Island way of life past and present.

The Garden Room can only seat 30 people comfortably and tickets for the Tuesday talks will be available on the day on a first come – first served basis. There is no extra charge for the talk, only the usual full Museum admission and members are free of charge.

The first talk in June is on Tuesday 7th, and Stuart Gough will speak about The Goatfell Murder.

The Goatfell Murder captured the public imagination across the country, created a debate over the conflict in ”scientific” evidence, and, even led to rebukes for police officers who put faith in folklore above their duty. The considered medical opinion of three doctors who examined Rose’s body concluded that “Murder most foul was carried out in Arran on July 15, 1889”.

On the 21st June, Malcolm Wilkinson will give a talk on the Arran Geopark and UNESCO Status for the island.

The Arran Geopark’s mission is to:
• Promote our remarkable landscape and heritage to local people and to visitors.
• Support sustainable local economic development through conservation, education, interpretation, and nature-based tourism.
• Achieve UNESCO Global Geopark status – an international designation recognising landscapes of world-class geological significance.
• Collaborate with communities, businesses, and other local stakeholders who share our vision.

Talks commence at 2.30pm. See the Museum Facebook page to keep up to date with details and for information about future talks.


Featured image shows the Arran Heritage Museum. Credit: www.arrranmuseum.co.uk