The Nature Library is coming to COAST

As part of COAST’s programme of summer events, The Nature Library will be visiting the Discovery centre over the weekend of 30th and 31st July.

The Nature Library is a reference library and reading space connecting people to land, sky and sea.

Popping up in public spaces across Scotland, its travelling shelves hold many branches of nature writing from the classic to the contemporary, fiction and non fiction, memoir, poetry and children’s books.

The Nature Library aims to take its visitors somewhere new — to the edge of the sea, into the mountain or to the top of the tallest tree.

Discover Scotland’s Nature Writers

Writing in the Scots Magazine, artist and founder Christina Riley, tells a bit more about the Nature Library and below shares a wonderful selection of Scottish nature writers from the collection shelves…

There are few places as beautiful and diverse in its landscape as Scotland. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the country has nurtured an ever growing list of talented nature writers over the years.

The Nature Library’s shelves hold many of these great minds. Each book illustrates the country’s hills, lochs, woodlands and coastlines so vividly that from between the pages, you’ll feel that fresh Scottish breeze on your cheeks.

This special Scottish Bookshelf is dedicated to some of the great Scottish nature writers, past and present, on the shelves of The Nature Library.

So if you love Scotland and all she has to offer, we encourage you to browse below.

Eliza Brightwen – More About Wild Nature

Eliza Brightwen was born in Banff, Aberdeenshire in 1830. This self-taught naturalist began writing at 60, and published six books in her lifetime.

In More About Wild Nature she tells tales of adventures with her favourite animals around her home. Many become personal pets, which is illustrated by chapters such as “Katie the Shrew” and “Joey the Kestrel”.

Read more at The Nature Library:

Jim Crumley – The Great Wood


Jim Crumley was born and raised in Dundee. He has written more than thirty books, including his Seasons series — The Nature Of Autumn, The Nature Of Spring, and so forth. He is also a regular columnist here at The Scots Magazine.

The Great Wood celebrates the mysterious wildwood of The Great Wood of Caledon, the historic native forest of Scotland which once covered huge tracts of the country, and throughout it Crumley looks at the possibilities of a resurrection of The Great Wood into something like a national forest.

Read more at The Nature Library:

Gavin Francis – True North: Travels in Arctic Europe


Gavin Francis currently lives in Edinburgh but was born in Fife. Qualifying in medicine from Edinburgh in 1999, he then spent ten years travelling, visiting all seven continents.

In True North, Gavin Francis journeys from Shetland to the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard and Lapland, following in the footsteps of the region’s pioneers. The arctic has long been a focus of exploration and an inspiration for travellers and travel writing.

Read more at The Nature Library:

To continue reading the selected authors, follow this link

Visit the Nature Library’s website for more nature writing and come to COAST at the end of July to experience what the library has to offer.

For more events this summer at COAST see their website. They have a full programme, from snorkel sessions to seashore scrambles but booking is essential as places are limited.