And finally…

Going deaf can be fun! Sent in by Voice reader Rory Cowan.

As you go through life you move through the intelligence categories – a child may show promise, be recognised as bright then maybe turns into a prodigy or possibly young fool or grows into a tearaway. Youngsters can morph into becoming responsible or headstrong – some might even become dependable or responsible. Later on we may be referred to as very professional, competent, a good leader etc.., but by this time we are approaching middle age. As they/we reach retirement we may be recognised as a wise old bird or highly competent – or even a true pillar of the community.

The trouble is that a serious stumbling block is just about to rear its ugly head – deafness. If you are deaf as a youngster you are seen as handicapped and everyone rallies round to help, but be able to hear for the whole of your working life and then dare to go deaf in retirement and the treatment is completely different. The wise old bird becomes hard of hearing and the final step to stupid old fool is not far away. Do you ask people to repeat themselves or just tell them to p**s off – be a grumpy old bastard? Your hitherto acknowledged intelligence and competence is gone and your credibility stripped away.

So the moral of this story is don’t go deaf – but if you do, then decide if you prefer grumpy old bastard to stupid old fool and act accordingly. You can only get it wrong as all hitherto accumulated mental dexterity is now deemed expired.

PS. Not sure if I prefer grumpy old bastard to stupid old fool…. Perhaps I will listen to the debate! – but should I ask them to repeat themselves or just tell them to p**s off? The latter is quicker….!!

Featured image shows view from Kildonan towards Pladda and Ailsa Craig. Credit Rory Cowa