Arran Natural History Society December talk

On Tuesday, December 6th at 7.30pm, Dr Nicola Bradbear, founder and CEO of the charity Bees for Development, will give an online talk  on ‘The amazing power of bees to change lives’.

In this talk Nicola Bradbear will describe the work of the organisation Bees for Development now approaching its 30th year, enabling people in different nations to vastly improve their lives by gaining reliable beekeeping skills, while improving their local habitat and surrounding ecology at the same time.

In keeping with the in-person meetings, the online talk is free to members, but we charge a £3.00 ‘admission fee’ for non-members to cover our on-going administration costs.

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Bees for Development was the first charity devoted to the use of beekeeping as a tool for development, having carefully understood and articulated the reasons why it can be so useful. Today the organisation enjoys a high reputation for its work, with a royal President, high profile Patronage, and supporters and beneficiaries world-wide. It operates at the heart of a network of people, projects, schools and organisations in 120+ countries to train, inform and improve beekeeping skills. Bees for Development has received major awards for its work, most recently the Award for the Welsh organisation achieving greatest overall impact in Africa.

Our educational materials are distributed globally, and our projects support co-operatives and honey trade organisations to establish good markets for honey and beeswax. We support simple, sustainable, nature-based beekeeping for biodiversity and livelihoods. We endeavour to understand the factors important for extensive, productive and profitable beekeeping systems. In recent years, we have increasingly provided training to beekeepers in UK, promoting a natural, extensive approach to maintain healthy populations of honey bees. In this talk Nicola will describe the current approach and work of the charity and share exciting plans for the future of this dynamic organisation.

Nicola Bradbear, Bees for Development, Founder and CEO

After completing her PhD at Durham University, working for 10 years at the International Bee Research Association, and lecturing on bees at Cardiff University, Nicola Bradbear founded Bees for Development. Since 1993 Nicola has been the elected President of the world body Apimondia’s Scientific Commission Beekeeping for Rural Development.

Nicola has instigated bee development activities world-wide, Is an advisor to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and other international agencies, and has worked in many nations including Afghanistan, Chechnya, El Salvador, Eritrea, and Iraq.

Nearer to home, Nicola is a beekeeper and President of her local beekeepers’ organisation, Gwent. Nicola initiated the Bee Friendly campaign which has successfully lobbied the local Council to reduce mowing and adopt a Pollinator Policy, run the annual Monmouth Bee Festival, and built the profile of Monmouth as the UK’s first Bee Town.