A Climate Change poem

Climate Change

The soft rays of the morning sun cast a shadow over a field of dry rye.
The climate is changing, that we can’t deny.
We reap what we sow
But how much do we know?
Will net zero be our hero?

Fire to drought and drought to fire
The narrative gets ever more dire.
There is no doubt
That a lot of change is about
But will net zero be our hero?

It’s nothing new, they say, climate is fluid
Even in the age of the Druids
But do we take note and care?
Even when the facts are laid bare.

A load of hot gas, did you say?
Gases which are staining and straining our world
And leaving an indelible mark, so we are told.
What can we do about it?
Will net zero be our hero?

Climate change touching all living things
From polar bears to penguins.
Uncontrollable gases emitting odourless smells
Causing seas of ever more menacing swells.

The sun fades and sets over the field of rye
As the forests and grasses cry.
But we mustn’t let our hope fade.
We can heal the planet
By making net zero our hero.

By David Bruce


About David Bruce 
I have been doing poetry for more than 2 years now. Living where I am in North Yorkshire, there is a lot of inspiration in the scenic countryside to get my creative juices flowing. I was walking in my home village of Hutton Rudby one day in November 2020…and my first poem was born. It was called ‘Autumn’. Looking back, I really enjoyed creative writing at school in the 1980s so I guess I have gone back to my roots!!

I have recently done an online creative writing course which has introduced me to short story writing. At the moment, I am underpinning my poetry knowledge by doing a poetry course. I live on my own so I think I must have a lot of time for my mind to be inspired.

Featured photo shows David and his family, with family friend Sally Campbell. From left to right: Sally, Cathy (David’s mother), Vicky (sister), Richard (brother), and David.