New Tim Pomeroy exhibition

Tim Pomeroy | Metamorphosis

The Fine Art Society, Edinburgh

10 November – 22 December 2023

Tim Pomeroy is one of the most thoughtful and respected artist carvers of his generation: his sculptures in stone, wood, drawings and etchings evoke notions of power and the Sacred inspired by archaeology and the natural world. A new exhibition of his work will take place at The Fine Art Society.

They write:

The rhythm and patterns of nature form the core of our new exhibition of sculpture by Arran-based artist Tim Pomeroy. Pomeroy’s work heightens the organic geometries of the natural world, picking out and amplifying features.

There is also a human element to Pomeroy’s sculptures, in which ideas of ceremony and mysticism are explored through vessel forms and precious materials. Marble, slate, granite, clay, wood and gold are metamorphised through the process of carving, smoothing, refining. The works in this exhibition are small in scale; personal, ritual objects.


Pieces from the new exhibition. Credit: The Fine Art Society


About Tim 

Born in Hamilton, Scotland in 1957, Tim Pomeroy attended Gray’s School of Art from 1976-81. After a short spell secondary school teaching, he returned to lecture there for six months before setting up as a full-time artist in 1983. After his spell lecturing he exhibited artworks initially at the Edinburgh Festivals 1981 -1991 but since 1996 has gained representation in several London, Edinburgh and Glasgow Galleries.

His career has included several one -off projects principally as a sculptor but has also embraced book illustration, theatre-design and mural painting. He has had a number of solo London exhibitions of his sculptural and graphic work from 1999 to present day and his sculptures feature in several public collections. He showed with Agnews Gallery from 2007 to 2011.

His most recent works are based on organic subject matters, eggs, seeds, but they also reveal a real interest in fossil forms and the usefulness and beauty of man-made objects both from historical and from contemporary life. He embraces stone as his principal medium because of its enduring and associative qualities. Hewn-stone he believes, was always traditionally associated with the sacred or the otherworldly. Tim Pomeroy’s sculptures attempt to contain something of this essence.


Arran Standing Stone, 2023 (Arran granite) from the new exhibition. Credit: The Fine Art Society


For more information on this exhibition please visit the The Fine Art Society website here  and to learn more about Tim, visit the Arran Open Studios website here

Featured image shows portrait of Tim at his studio in Arran. Accessed at Arran Open Studios