Coastwatch News

by John Kinsman

Survey to catalogue Basking Sharks

A survey is being carried out to catalogue the number of Basking Sharks visiting the Firth of Clyde.

Basking Shark Scotland has appealed to the public to submit sightings viA website or phone. In 2016 a similar survey identified 24 individual basking sharks, with the biggest measuring about eight metres in length. The wildlife tour operator said it was hopeful some of those same sharks would revisit the area.

Founder Shane Wasik said ” This survey is very exciting for us and for the understanding of the sharks behaviour. The sharks can be widespread over large areas so any help the public an give us would be really useful”.

The firm hopes to find out whether the same sharks are returning to the same areas at the same time each year. This could highlight areas of the Clyde that are important feeding grounds for the sharks. Basking Sharks are harmless plankton eaters, can grow to about 12 metres and weigh several tonnes. They can be identified by their triangular dorsal fin which can be over a metre high.

Coastwatch Call

Coastwatch St Monans team were alerted on Sunday September 17th to an incident involving a seriously injured fisherman on board a prawn boat in the Firth of Forth.

The injured fisherman suffered a fit and sustained a serious head injury when he fell on the deck. The skipper of the prawn boat contacted H.M. Coastguards and made his way to Elie harbour where he was met by rescuers. The injured man was rushed to hospital where he made a full recovery.

The Coastwatch St Monans team were station manager John Kinsman, deputy station manager Anne Kinsman, volunteers Sue Johnstone, Bob Hill and Kevin McBain.