Embrace of the Serpent at Corrie Film Club

The film on the 8th October will be Embrace of the Serpent (2016, Colombia, directed by Ciro Guerra, 125 mins, Cert 15).
Visually and thematically arresting, this award winning film is the story of the relationship between Karamakate, an Amazonian shaman and last survivor of his people, and two scientists who work together over the course of 40 years, through perilous adventure and friendship to search the Amazon for a sacred healing plant.

Mark Kermode in the Guardian said “this extraordinary, hypnotic work by Colombian director Ciro Guerra seems at first glance to be a dreamy inversion of the themes of Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo and Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, turning a generic heart of darkness into a crucible of light, as seen from the perspective of indigenous Amazonian tribespeople. Mixing fact and fiction in fable-like fashion, Guerra’s third feature (which secured Colombia’s first Oscar nomination for best foreign language film) offers both a bold indictment of colonial imperialism and a powerful celebration of disappearing cultures.”

Corrie Film Club was started in September 2004 with funding from the UK fIlm Council and shows a diversity of films most of which are suggested by club members. The films are usually shown on the second Sunday of the month at 8.00pm. Membership of the society is £15. We welcome visitors who are asked to give a donation to Corrie and Sannox Hall funds. Please feel free to bring a bottle of wine.