Bird Ringing at Brodick Castle

On the 25th of November licensed ringer Terry Southall and his colleagues held a bird-ringing workshop at the Ranger Centre at the Castle, for members of the Arran Natural History Society. Over the space of about three hours Terry and colleagues caught upwards of sixty birds in the special mist nets they had erected. Each bird was carefully identified, measured, weighed, and then ringed and released. They included chafinch, blue and coal tit, blackbird, robin, and blackcap. In this way our knowledge and awareness of the complex lives of these beautiful fellow creatures is being expanded, and the changes in their behaviour and populations can be monitored as they are increasingly affected by climate and habitat change.

The December meeting of the Arran Natural History Society will be on Thursday 7th December at 8pm at the Ranger Centre, and will be a talk on Bees. Everyone is very welcome, members and non-members alike.