Demand for Green Energy is highest in Scotland

  • Over two thirds (67%) of Scots would switch to a Green Energy provider if given the chance
  • The majority (72%) of Scots would be happy to pay more for energy if their tariff was renewably sourced
  • However, price remains the priority for 79% of Scottish people

Scotland is the UK’s most environmentally conscious region as research from comparethemarket reveals that appetite for renewable energy is greatest above the border. The research revealed that over two thirds of Scottish consumers would switch to a green energy provider if the opportunity presented itself, making Scotland the most eco-conscious energy region in the UK.

Not only would the majority (72%) of Scots be happy to pay more on their energy bills for a renewable tariff, over one in ten (60%) would be willing to spend up to £50 more in order to fuel their home sustainably.

However, despite clear demand for access to green energy suppliers, price remains a priority for Scotland, with 79% of energy customers admitting that cost is still their main concern when shopping around for energy providers. With the average standard variable tariff energy bill costing households £1,134 a year, finding a green energy tariff that isn’t priced out of the market may be a challenge for many customers in Scotland for many customers north of the border.

While many Scots clearly want to switch to a renewable energy source, comparethemarket’s research revealed that the region experienced the least switches to green energy providers over the past year. In the Scottish energy market, only 2.5% of switches over the last 12 months accounted for green tariffs. Conversely, 97.51% of switches within the region were to traditional, non-renewable providers, suggesting that many Scots do not feel the extra cost of sustainability is too high for them at this time.