A Quiet Passion at the Corrie Film Club

Corrie Film Club

The film for the 14th of January will be A Quiet Passion (UK/Belgium. 2016. Directed by Terence Davies. 126 mins Cert.12A) 

This is a finely detailed portrait of Emily Dickinson, from girlhood to later years, a reclusive poet whose work was only recognised after her death. A thoughtful, profoundly serious film, that is sometimes surprisingly funny.

The Guardian said “it is Davies’ ability to invest even the most apparently-humdrum moments with some form of intense radiance that sustains his film. Every shot is beautifully composed and lit – as we have come to expect – and the actors deliver every line with absolute conviction. Dropping key poems on to the soundtrack may be a conventional move, but Davies’ selection is unerring and reinforces the emotion at every point.”