Josephine Broekhuizen – Solo Exhibition in Glasgow

“There is an infinite creative force in nature which I find perfect and beautiful and it inspires me to be creative 

myself and use its visual elements for my own story. “

Josephine Broekhuizen’s subjects range widely from still life to landscape-based and figurative paintings, they form a visual diary of her daily life and surroundings. When painting in oils, Josephine is layering colours upon colours to create texture and depth, working towards an imaginary space on the canvas. They are rarely exact representations and sometimes the altered perspectives and gentle surrealism with which she treats them is as much a key to their meaning as the subjects themselves.

Josephine lives in a quiet smallholding on the Isle of Arran, where the land slopes towards the sea and ends with a smugglers path down to the beach. “My recent paintings are inspired by my garden, the flowers grow in banks one in front of the another. In the height of summer they are a riot of colour and crazy directions. They jostle for light and space. The paintings I hope reflect something of that reconciled jostle of colour and dynamic shape. These are some of the elements within the painting that are not necessarily representational ; these come from my imagination. They are to add both core movement and aspects of the mysterious.”

Josephine Broekhuizen
Solo Exhibition
3rd – 24th February 2018

Compass Gallery, 178 West Regent Street, Glasgow G2 4RL Tel : 0141-221 6370
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