Corrie Film Club Sunday 14th October

The film showing on Sunday 14th October at Corrie is Dancing at Lughnasa (Irish/British/American 1998. Directed by Julie Kelleher. 1hour 35 mins. Cert PG)

Based on the Brian Friel play, this is a story of the sisters of the Mundy family.

Five sisters are living in County Donegal in 1936. Kate Mundy (Meryl Streep) oversees the various conflicting personalities. None are married, but Kate has a job, and Christina (Catherine McCormack) has a young son called Michael.

The summer of 1936, when the action takes place, is beautiful, but Europe is on the verge of terrible change. Through that glorious summer, at the very edge of Europe, in Ballybeg, Donegal, the Mundy family shelter in their small home – five sisters, one brother and Michael. The film is seen through the eyes of the boy. He feels the joy and security of his close-knit clan but its secrets and sorrows begin to break through. The arrival of Michael’s father, a Welsh man, Gerry Evans, on his way to fight for Franco in Spain, unleashes repressed passion and the Eden of Ballybeg is changed forever.