How to make your own wax cloths

Contributed by Antonia Murphy, visitor to Arran, writer, and psychotherapist.

Here’s a helpful and ecologically sound tip for all those left overs lurking in your fridge after the Christmas festivities. Instead of using cling film – notoriously non bio degradable – why not try this simple, wipe clean alternative. Simply cut up any old clean table cloth or napkin or fabric into various sized pieces. Source some plain beeswax – this can be found at Arran Bee Products or online. Spread out the cloths and shave some beeswax over each piece. Place in hot oven for a minute or so until the bees wax is melted. Remove from the oven and quickly spread the beeswax evenly over the cloths and then leave to dry until they are set. There you have it – three or four handy sized reusable cloths to cover food in the fridge or to wrap sandwiches in. Remember to wipe them down with cold water after use, not hot ! These are some my son made me for Christmas!