Poem for January


by Char March

to snuggle to coorie doon to snoodle.
a half-world of care.

a gowpen of shoogling eggs
roofed by warm breast.

a weaving of twigs.
eaves studded with river-mud huts.

a precariousness in wind.
a responsibility of worms, sand eels, gnats.

a rock ledge with fifty thousand screams.
the heart of a hedge.

full stops in winter branches
each a basket of hope.


Though born in Yorkshire, Char March was brought up in Falkirk and still spends much of her time in Ardgour. She won first prize in the 2018 McLellan Poetry Competition with her poem Street Folk and in this poem again uses Scots dialect to powerful effect. ‘Nest’ is taken from and provides the title for her fifth poetry collection ‘Full Stops In Winter Branches’ published by Valley Press (2018). As well as being a poet Char March is a successful writer of plays, radio drama and short stories.

Words and poem contributed by David Underdown. Images contributed by Char March.