The London March, 23 March 2019

A report and pictures from Arran resident Sally Campbell who joined the one million rally last weekend in London, calling on the government to end the Brexit deadlock with a People’s Vote. Enjoy the placards!

A million plus walked (or shuffled, progress very slow due to density of the crowd).
So why go?

• To stand up for European friends here in Scotland and especially on Arran.
• To protect the livelihoods for creel fishermen in Scotland’s inshore waters who need a customs union for live product transport.
• To protect the environment since arrangements in place for maintaining EU environmental standards in the UK if there is a ‘no deal’ Brexit are “sub-optimal” Gove has said.
• To continue to be part of the European Union for Science progress and Research funding.
• For the economy, and security, in an increasingly complex world of corporate and nationalist power blocks.
• My belief that Britain is built on the goodwill of people who have come here over millenia. As a French Huguenot family in the 1770s the Chivers, my family name, fled to England for a safe life, and have I hope contributed ever since. We are a nation of immigrants, mostly European, starting after the Ice-Age! That is all of us!
• To influence Parliament for a second referendum on whatever is decided; or better still, to revoke Article 50, with a petition up to today signed by 5.8 million UK citizens, to remain as a partner in the EU.

The crowd was determined, courteous, creative with their posters, purposeful, wanting to be seen and heard. Wanting to be present and visible, having felt ignored for 3 years. All ages, young and elderly, all creeds, all races from every corner of the UK, Europe, and the wider world. It was inspiring.