Hello, and Happy World Book Day! (To those of you reading this on the 1st March)

I’m very pleased to be here and to have the opportunity to keep the Voice for Arran ‘in print’. Alan’s very competent editing will be a hard act to follow but I will try and continue with the particular flavour of the Voice which readers have come to expect and enjoy.

So in this edition there are pieces of local and international interest. With the celebration of the centenary of votes for women last month, there is an article about Scottish suffragette and lifelong peace campaigner Helen Crawfurd. This coincides with a current exhibition at the Glasgow Women’s Library, Our Red Aunt, about her life and work, which runs until the middle of March. There are also updates on activities happening across Arran including from the Community Land Initiative and COAST, as well as some previews of things to come.

We have a couple of items on the very hot topic of plastic waste and micro plastics, with a report from a successful evening at COAST and some tips on how to reduce our own use of single use plastics in particular. The brilliant wee campaigners who came to visit Arran last month – the Ocean Defenders, from Sunnyside Primary School in Glasgow can be an inspiration to us all.

If readers have anything they’d like to contribute or get in touch about, please do contact us. We are always happy to hear your news, views and suggestions… Elsa