Hello and welcome to the June edition of the Voice.
This month we have the usual mix of local and not-so-local news and views. In fact, speaking of ‘local’, in the making of this issue, the term has become something of a theme, one that is not easily definable or generalizable and one that may continue to be a source of reflection in forth-coming issues of the Voice. What makes something or indeed someone ‘local’? This is possibly Arran’s most perennial question! In this edition, through the issue of ‘real food’, some of these ideas are raised, but certainly not definitively answered.

Alongside these preoccupations, we have an historical theme which continues from last month. There is the second part of a Robert the Bruce history from Jim Henderson, as well as a pictorial record of Arran from Stuart Gough. ‘Looking at Arran’ gives a fascinating insight, and some amazing views, of Arran through the lens of a collector’s postcards. These are interesting historical artefact’s in themselves, not to mention the wee snippets of holiday life we are given by the tourists of yesteryear.

We also have some information about a couple of upcoming events, one at the beginning of the month, on Holy Isle, and another at the very end, the annual Malt and Music festival at the Lochranza distillery. And don’t forget the Arran folk festival in the middle! Or the film showing of ‘Albatross’ on the 23rd, an event run by TAP Arran and COAST, at the High school… Hope it’s a good month, and long may the lovely weather continue!