Welcome to the January edition of the Voice, and to the New Year 2019! If you are recovering from a period of abundant festivities we have a few undemanding pieces to ease you into the New Year, as well as some weightier articles which provide some matters for more sober reflection.

We have updates from local groups including a round-up of news from the end of 2018 from COAST and a report on the exciting start of the Eco Savvy Coop Food Share in Brodick. At the moment there is a weekly collection on Thursday evenings from the Coop, with free in date food available at the Ormidale Pavillion open for all to benefit from. We also have some contributions from our local MSP Kenneth Gibson who brings to our attention the subject of fuel poverty in Scotland’s Islands, and also asks us to reflect on the tragedy of the Iolaire, the sea disaster that happened 100 years ago this new year and is currently being commemorated in Stornoway.

There is a liminal feel to this time of year which makes it the perfect time to consider events in our personal and collective past before we rush back into the action and pursuit of our everyday lives. It feels like an ambiguous space of possibility, one not yet determined, and one where with the assistance of reflection we can choose to make some positive and mindful changes to our ways of being in the world. 2019 promises to be eventful, both on the global political level and in our personal lives and we look forward at the Voice to joining you on the journey.