Hello and welcome to the June edition of the Voice for Arran.

“As long as I can remember, poems have felt like a doorway into another world. Each one, a simple arrangement of otherwise ordinary words, that together evoke presence, wonder, possibility. So here is an invitation to pause, let the words wash over you and glimpse the world they offer you…” (Kristine Mackenzie-Janson).

I read these words on poetry today, by a tutor with the Mindfulness Association and someone who lived on Holy Isle for some time, and thought of the farewell we have to say this month, to our long time poem contributor David Underdown. After eight years in post he is handing over the selection reigns to Isla Blair. Each month David’s choices have enriched the Voice, giving an alternative space for reflection, or even a doorway into another world. It is with a large debt of gratitude that we mark the end of his time with us, and at the same time we are lucky and looking forward to having Isla step in and take on the role.

Otherwise in this month’s edition we have an assortment of previews, reviews, and commentaries – on matters musical, political and environmental. There are many events to enjoy in Arran this month, only some of them covered here in the Voice. Over the weekend of 8th and 9th June there is both the annual Folk Festival, and a Peace of History exhibition at Arran Active brought over from the mainland by the Arran CND group. There are also invitations to the weekly Garden Party at the Arran Community Land Initiative which is running over the summer, to which all are welcome, as well as to the Holy Isle open day on 2nd June. Looking back to last month, we have a piece on a recent gathering to mark the 30th anniversary of ArCas, a remarkable and significant organisation on Arran, and which you can learn more about in The Book of ArCas which is available now at the ArCas shop in Brodick.

We hope you have a great month, and find some things in this issue to enjoy too!