Boarding the Bus to Success

Whiting Bay Music and Drama group take award winning play to East Kilbride

By Alice Maxwell

The Whitemoss Trophy, with a still from the play

Inspired by winning three major prizes in the Arran 2019 Drama Competition, Whiting Bay Music and Drama club decided compete further afield this month.

On the 9th May the cast – Alan Nichol, Andy McNamara, Val Waite, Bev and Patrick Scott and Zoe McGovern, along with director David Simpkin, boarded the Kilmory community bus to take Andy’s Scottish comedy Numquat Non Paratus to the East Kilbride Drama Festival. David said the atmosphere on the outward journey was one of nervous anticipation, but when I met them on their return they were all as high as kites. They had won the Whitemoss cup – third prize!

Director David Simpkin

David Simpkin described the trip as a bonding experience for the group as they were able to spend quality time together. A first time director, he described the production of the play as a team effort – although the final responsibility stopped with him, and he had the casting vote in moments of indecision. Although he has rehearsed the play many times he still finds himself laughing at the jokes, testimony to Andy’s hilarious writing. He describes his director’s vision as one of simplicity. He likes an uncomplicated set, giving space for the audience to fill in the gaps with their imagination.

Andy was unavailable for comment as he is too busy with his new outdoor business, Otter’s Tail.

The club was extremely grateful to their new seamstress, Vicky Rigby, who produced wonderful Brecon Fall kilts and bunnets for the cast.

Inspired by their success the club would love to take more plays to the mainland. Whiting Bay has joined the Scottish Communities Drama Association and Shiskine SWI are about to. This will put Arran on the Scottish drama map, as mainland drama groups will be able to come here to compete.

Some of the cast back in Whiting Bay, with Hazel Brown from the East Kilbride Rep, presenting the trophy