Scotland: A Peace of History exhibition comes to Arran

The Scotland: a Peace of History exhibition, which commemorates 80 years of anti-nuclear campaigning in Scotland and 60 years since the formation of Scottish CND, moves from the Glasgow City Chambers to Arran on June 6th. It will be on display first at Arran High School, on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th June, and then open to the public in the Arran Active gallery in Brodick on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June from 10am – 3pm. 

As previously described in the Voice in January 2019, the exhibition centres around a pictorial time-line showing how nuclear weapons have not only developed technologically, enhancing their targeting capabilities and destructive power, but also how possession of nuclear weapons progressed into a symbol of strength and status, coveted by powerful nations. It offers an historical perspective of how nations have negotiated treaties to try to manage the threats the weapons pose, as well as the movements which developed in opposition to them.

Reporting in online magazine Bella Caledonia, Arthur West, Chair of Scottish CND said “Scotland: A Peace of History is an opportunity to look at everything CND have achieved, there is a significant body of work there and we should be proud of that. We are grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund for supporting this project. It is very encouraging to see the Fund get behind an initiative which tells the story of Scottish CND and the wider Scottish peace movement.”

Alongside the main exhibition, there will be a display of written material and memorabilia provided by local campaigners. A CND group was formed on Arran in 1983 and, over the years, groups opposed to nuclear weapons and nuclear power have formed and reformed. These included Arran for a Non-Nuclear Future, Arran against the Bomb and Arran Peace and Justice Group. Arran currently has a re-formed and active CND group which meets monthly on the island.

As part of it’s ongoing work, the Arran group are looking at ways to bring issues of Peace Education to the island, and are pleased to have the opportunity to take the exhibition to Arran High School for two days, before the main event over the weekend in Arran Active. The exhibition will also have an evening showing at Arran Youth Foundations on the evening of Friday 7th June.

Please come along and take a look at this interesting and informative exhibition while it’s here on Arran and add your support to this very necessary campaign.


Contributed by Cheryl Burgess