Arran’s MP challenges the government on parcel delivery charges


Arran’s MP and SNP Consumer Affairs spokesperson, Patricia Gibson, has challenged the UK Government to do more to stop Scottish shoppers being penalised by extra delivery surcharges.

In a House of Commons debate last month, Mrs Gibson called on the UK Government – which has the power to regulate delivery charges – to take “concrete and decisive action” to ensure that consumers in Arran and across much of Scotland do not face higher delivery fees or have their order refused.

The debate came almost four years after Ms Gibson first raised with the UK Government the need to tackle retailers who apply excessive delivery surcharges, which cost shoppers across Scotland an extra £38.1m a year.

Commenting Mrs Gibson said:

“It is completely unjust that consumers in Scotland are expected to fork out an extra £38.1 million each year on rip-off parcel delivery surcharges.

“I have repeatedly raised this issue with UK Ministers who have sat on their hands for years while delivery surcharges continue to hit pockets across Scotland.

“Arran consumers are more dependent on online shopping than those living on the mainland and should not have to pay extra delivery charges just because of where they live.

“It’s time the UK Government took concrete and decisive action to set out exactly what action it will take to ensure a fair deal for island and rural consumers.”