Marine News

By John Kinsman, station manager at Coastwatch St Monans, east Fife.

RNLI Warning

The RNLI at Loch Ness

A suggestion for a mass search for the Loch Ness monster later this year has gone viral on social media and caused concern for the RNLI. On Facebook about 18,000 people say they are going to the Storm Loch Ness event, with 38,000 interested. It has been inspired by Storm Area 51, an idea tens of thousands of people could storm a US Air Base to uncover the truth about a UFO conspiracy.

But Loch Ness RNLI is warning of the dangers of the loch’s deep water. Concern that hundreds or even thousands of people head out on the loch for Storm Loch Ness on September 21st, the volunteer RNLI crew said it could not match the resources being used by US military to deal with Storm Area 51.
A spokesman for Loch Ness RNLI said, “Our Atlantic 85 has an impressive survivor carrying capacity but that will be stretched by the attendees of this event.”

My time with Voice for Arran

Its nearly 20 years since I wrote an email to the then editor of the Voice for Arran, Alison Prince, offering my services as a marine journalist to the paper. I am pleased to say Alison accepted my offer and now nearly 20 years later I am still writing maritime matters.

When I started, the Voice for Arran was a weekly paper edition. And over the years I covered many marine issues and I hope to continue to do so for a few years yet. I have been a freelance marine journalist for over 30 years and as I near retiring from a job I love so much I will continue to contribute to the Voice for Arran

I will continue my volunteer work as station manager of Coastwatch St Monans station where I am in charge of a team of 8 volunteers. I would like to thank the past editors of the Voice for Arran Alison Prince, Alan Belamy and present editor Elsa. Finally I would like to thank all online readers of voice for Arran for viewing my stories.

A Busy Month for Coastwatch

The month of July has been busy for Coastwatch St Monans. The bad weather had extra patrols out. There were no serious incidents but we had a search out for a young dog, and kept look out for a missing yacht.

Featured image Loch Ness