Marine News

Sent in by John Kinsman, station manager at Coastwatch St Monans

Tay Rescue Operation

A coastguard rescue helicopter from Inverness was deployed to assist a rescue operation on the river Tay. Coastguard crew from Dundee, St Andrews and Arbroath and Lifeboat crews were called to search for a person in the water near the Tay bridge. Several other boats were also seen scouring the Tay as other emergency vehicles gathered at the local RNLI station as the search took place. After a long search of the area no one was found and the search was called off.

Boy Stung by Jelly Fish

Coastwatch St Monans team were called out on Sunday after 999 calls were received by HM Coastguards that a boy aged 9 had been badly stung by a giant jelly fish while swimming off Elie beach. When rescuers arrived on the scene they found the young boy in agony. The boy who was with his parents was given first aid by Coastwatch team members before the arrival of paramedics who transferred the boy to hospital where he made a full recovery. The giant jelly fish species was a Lion’s Mane.

A busy time for Coastwatch St Monans

The 8 man volunteer Coastwatch team at St Monans have had a very busy time since the Covid-19 lockdown was eased and visitors started arriving in the East Neuk of Fife area. The team were called to a paddle boarder drifting onto rocks at Shell Bay near Elie. The paddle boarder made it ashore safely. In another incident at Elie the team were alerted to persons cut off by the tide. The family of mum, dad and two children were taken to safety by RNLI crews. Coastwatch St Monans team provided assistance from shore.
The St Monans team were called to their local harbour after a kayaker got stuck in the thick sea weed while approaching the harbour. The Coastwatch team guided the kayaker into harbour where he landed unhurt.

Coastwatch St Monans is a very busy team of volunteers who come from all walks of life and are prepared to drop everything to respond to the call for help. Operations manager John Kinsman, a news reporter. Deputy Manager Anne Kinsman, a retired home carer, housewife. Assistant Deputy Manager John McLean, Vicar. Volunteers are Bob McDonald, IT Engineer, Karen Dodson, first responder, Cameron McDonald, student, Kevin McBain, Farmer and Beth McLean, housewife.

The team have been together since 2010 and attended many incidents and given hours of non-paid lookout duties from their base at the old windmill situation to the east of St Monans village. The station has all the modern rescue equipment and radio communications and they work closely with HM Coastguards who page them when and where required 365 days a year.

Featured image shows the Coastwatch station at the windmill in St Monans