A Play by Mamoru Iriguchi

Independent Arts Projects, with Arran Theatre and Arts Trust, presents

Eaten by Mamoru Iriguchi

Whiting Bay Hall

Saturday 28th September at 2pm

The award-winning performance artist, Mamoru Iriguchi, is back out on tour this autumn with Eaten, a show for children aged 6 yrs+ about food, eating and being eaten! Tickets are £5 from Arran Events or at the door.

What if your food started talking back? Meet Lionel McLion. He’s just eaten a human called Mamoru. But Lionel hasn’t chewed his food well. So Mamoru’s alive and well in his stomach, and now wants to say hello. A strange friendship between the eater and the eaten starts to grow. Eaten invites children to the fascinating world of food chains and digestion.

“Whimsical hi-jinks” The Herald ★★★★ “Big Cuddly and Clever” The Times ★★★★ “Daringly inventive” The Stage ★★★★

Donning a lion costume, Mamoru simultaneously plays the roles of the eater (Lionel the lion who dreams of being a vegetarian) and the eaten (Mamoru the human who loves meat) resulting in a dialogue about food between the predator and his prey, locked in one body.

With a surrealist and humorous storyline, Iriguchi, together with director Ivor MacAskill and co-performer Suzi Cunningham, invite children and grown-ups to the fascinating world around food: eating, being eaten, digesting, defecating and everything in-between and beyond, in nature and on our dining tables. Eaten encourages young audiences and adult audiences to carefully examine what they eat and re-think their relationship with food and nature.

Mamoru Iriguchi is an award-winning Edinburgh-based performance maker and theatre designer with background in zoology. His performance work includes Eaten (CATS nominee), 4D Cinema (Autopsy Award), PAINKILLERS (The Yard NOW commission), One Man Show (The Place Prize commission) and Projector/Conjector (Aerowaves Spring Forward). His Theatre design work includes Mincemeat (Cardboard Citizens, Best Design, Evening Standard Theatre Awards). See the website for more info.