Eco Savvy’s sustainable food programme

After including an article about Eco Savvy’s food programme in last month’s issue, we realised that it might possibly be a better idea for it to go in the January edition of the Voice! After Christmas and in time for some new year resolutions (or at least efforts at making some sustainable changes around food)! The Eco Savvy food programme looks at various aspects of a planet friendly diet and is a guide to making simple choices that are good for the wellbeing of your household, your wallet and the planet as a whole. To join, complete this quick survey here.

At Eco Savvy we have developed a savvy food programme where we invite Arran residents to join to find ways to reduce their carbon foodprint and to lower their food costs. We encourage a planet friendly diet and show how that is possible on Arran by providing a savvy food pack with tips and guidance on how to strive towards more environmentally conscious eating habits. One of the biggest individual impacts we can have as consumers to lower our carbon footprint is to make simple, informed changes to our diets.

As part of the programme we encourage residents to take part in a Waste Weigh whereby participants are asked to weigh their domestic food waste for a week. We will then let them know where they stand in relation to other Arran residents and offer them tips on how to reduce their food waste.

Being a part of the programme means that participants will be the first to be invited to our workshops and events. Over the past 5 months these have included; a fermentation workshop; a food waste workshop in partnership with Love Food Hate Waste Scotland, a savvy food film screening, a pumpkin carving workshop and a Christmas cookie baking workshop.

At the end of the programme you will have the opportunity to become an Eco Savvy sustainable food ambassador and use your newly acquired skills to help fight food waste and to champion sustainable food habits. You will be invited to our awards night and have the opportunity to be recognised as a Food Champion!

Join the programme by completing a quick survey  about your food attitudes and behaviours, please be very honest- there are no right answers! We are trying to get an idea of what your current attitudes and behaviours are and where your interests might be in the program!

For more information email