Local food plan consultation workshop

Join Arran Eco Savvy and Arran’s Food Journey for a workshop on a local food plan for Arran:

Wednesday November 17th at 5.30pm at the Ormidale Pavilion

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on their future plan for local food, Local Food for Everyone, but what does ‘local food’ mean to you and how can ‘everyone’ access it? Scottish Government’s new local food plan holds an important opportunity to have a positive impact on the well-being of communities, economies and the environment right across Scotland – and beyond. We will be holding a workshop in conjunction with Arrans Food Journey at the Ormidale Pavilion from 5.15 for a 5.30 start to 7pm on Wednesday November 17th.This workshop will form the basis of Eco Savvy’s own consultation response and will give you the opportunity to explore what a local food plan could mean for Arran. It will also provide a guide for you to complete your own consultation questionnaire and encourage others to do the same.

During this workshop we will ask:
• Why is local food important?
• What do we want to see from a Local Food Plan, both nationally and locally?
• How can Scotland grow more of what it eats and eat more of what it grows?
• How can a local food plan improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in Scotland?
• How can a local food plan make the maximum positive impact on our environment and biodiversity?

We are working in partnership with Nourish Scotland who will ensure that the outcomes of these workshops feed in directly into the consultation process with Scottish Government. These workshops are open to everyone, whether you work or have an interest in food…or just eat it! You can read more about the consultation here.

To join the workshop email jess.ecosavvy@gmail.com to reserve your space.

Featured image shows a field of winter wheat planted last month at Bellevue Farm, near Blackwaterfoot. Photo credit: Bellevue Farm