News on Eco Savvy’s Lift Share and Food Share projects

For local readers who haven’t heard about Eco Savvy’s new community lift share scheme yet read on to find out more, and also visit the lift share facebook page to start organising collective car journeys around the island and beyond….

Arran Community Lift Share

In December Eco Savvy launched the Arran Lift Share, and last month the Lift Share Facebook page celebrated being live for 1 month!

Eco Savvy say “We have been delighted by the positive feedback and general enthusiasm present around the idea of Community Lift Share. The page to date has been well used with 274 members, 17 lift shares to events, 18 lift share offers and requests and a grand total of 198.2 high carbon car miles saved. Although this is great, there’s still a long way to go before the page is fully effective.
With 30% of Scotland’s household emissions being generated through transport, lift share is a viable way to dramatically cut your carbon footprint and help build a stronger community while helping to combat social isolation at the same time.”

The facebook page is a space for residents to link up journeys; whether they be one-off trips to the shops or doctors appointments or more regular journeys to work and school. Essentially, the page is for people looking for or offering lifts.

The ultimate aim of the page is to cultivate a strong lift sharing ethos on the island, one which Eco Savvy would like to extend to residents who do not use the internet. So the next stage of the project is to role out physical community boards within villages, starting with Blackwaterfoot Harbour Store. The boards will be set up to enable non facebook users who may benefit most from a lift share to be able to partake by requesting or offering lifts.

Eco Savvy will be looking for Lift Share Champions for each village to help with this stage, so if you would be interested in helping out in this role or for more information contact Emma on

Eco Savvy Food Share – new locations & times

Eco Savvy say, “We are delighted to announce the expansion of the Food Share to now include Saturday nights and the location will rotate between Kilmory, Corrie and Lochranza!”

It would be great if you could make it along to a Food Share night in your village – we really rely on the wonderful people who come along and take the food as, due to use by regulations surrounding food, anything not taken on the night has to go in the bin 🙁 It would be great if you could spread the message far and wide and tell your friends about the Food Share! The regular Food Share nights for info: