Home schooling activities with COAST’s MerPack

Planning your home schooling week and looking for something a little different?

Delve into COAST’s MerPack for a fascinating alternative to the usual home school routine. The Marine Education Resource pack is free to download and is full of fun ideas and activities.

There are five sections, each with a different focus, including information on food chains, sorting and classification of marine species as well as time for shore study and a look at how we impact our oceans. The activities range from science based sections, with focused areas on literacy and numeracy skills, as well as some links to award winning educational films. Children will learn to draw comparisons between what they see and know on land with the less seen and more unknown creatures found in the ocean. They will also discover how humans are impacting our marine ecosystems and what we can do to help.

This pack is aimed at level 2 (Aged 9-12 years) of the Curriculum for Excellence (but can easily be adapted) and has been designed to develop pupils’ knowledge and skills in a variety of subjects, using the oceans as a focus. The MER Pack is free to download, and the sections do not need to be completed in order. Some activities are “classroom” based, others can involve a trip to the shore.

COAST are keen to share this as far and wide as possible, and would love to hear your feedback – and if you have found it useful, please consider sending a donation as a thank you!

Go on, bring the love of the ocean into your child’s education!